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Products and services
Products and services

High-throughput field emission scanning electron microscope NavigatorSEM-100

NavigatorSEM-100 is the world's first high-throughput field emission scanning electron microscope. It is designed for SEM characterization and analysis of large-scale samples widely used in scientific research and industry. Its automated ultra-high-speed nano-imaging technology provides you with an extraordinary imaging experience.

  • Enabling imaging speed > 10 times fastest then conventional scanning electron microscope
  • The world's fastest dual-channel imaging of secondary electrons and backscattered electrons at the same time.
  • Massive SEM images accelerate data analysis reports
  • Cross-scale material characterization from hundreds millimeters to nanometers scale


SEM applications

The NavigatorSEM-100 high-throughput field emission scanning electron microscope are used to investigate the ultrastructure of a wide range of biological tissues and cells.

Providing customized solutions for the life sciences biological imaging.



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